Man who shot Bin Laden talks Zero Dark Thirty

Navy Seal who was on the mission says film 'Hollywooded' up the events

The Navy Seal who shot Osama Bin Laden has given his verdict on Katherine Bigelow's biopic of the events 'Zero Dark Thirty', saying that the filmmakers 'Hollywooded it up some'.

The unnamed 'Seal Team Member 6' spoke about the Oscar-nominated film in an interview with the US edition of Esquire, picking out a few things that didn't quite ring true.

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Zero Dark Thirty... Chastain's portrayal was 'awesome'. (Copyright: Columbia)

“It was fun to watch,” he said. “There was just little stuff. The helos (helicopters) turned the wrong way [toward the target], and they talked way, way too much [during the assault itself].

“If someone was waiting for you, they could track your movements that way.”

He also added that the tactics during the on-screen mission 'sucked', and 'the mission in the damn movie took way too long', compared to how quick it happened in real-life.

“When Osama went down, it was chaos, people screaming. No one called his name,” he continued. “They Hollywooded it up some.”

He goes on to say that the dog on the mission was not a German Shepherd, but a Belgian Malinois, though he agreed that the representation of 'Maya', the CIA agent who spear-headed the search and who is played by Jessica Chastain was 'awesome'.

“They made her a tough woman, which she is,” he says.