The Mandalorian star discusses Kristen Stewart sex scenes in new movie

katy m obrian, kristen stewart, love lies bleeding
Mandalorian star on shooting sex scenes in movieA24

The Mandalorian star Katy O'Brian has opened up about shooting sex scenes with Kristen Stewart in Love Lies Bleeding.

Directed by Rose Glass (Saint Maud), the romantic thriller finds a reclusive gym manager named Lou (Stewart) falling for the ambitious bodybuilder Jackie (O'Brian), with the pair soon entangled in the former's criminal family affairs.

In conversation with PEOPLE, O'Brian recalled the unsexy realities of bringing intimacy to the screen.

katy m obrian, kristen stewart, love lies bleeding

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"It's just so not glamorous, and it's really not that sexy when you're doing it. I mean, first of all, you've got a boom-mic guy that's got his microphone hovering over you while it's all happening," she shared, while Glass herself pitched in too.

"Basically it's literally agreed in writing before anyone even gets on set exactly what isn't going to be shown: from what angle, how much, how little. By the time you get there, it is all quite mechanical," revealed the filmmaker.

O'Brian added: "We stick with the script for those scenes, because with intimate scenes there's massive approvals that go into everything. If anything changes, we have to go back and sign more paperwork. We just had to approve it all ahead of time."

katy m o'brian, kristen stewart, love is bleeding

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Production for Love Lies Bleeding went down in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the summer of 2022, which meant everyone on set was slick with sweat.

"It was so hot that every time Kristen would pull the pants off, everything would just pull right off," said the actress, referring to one of their scenes out in the open.

"So finally we're just like, 'Can we just do this with one layer? Do we really need a diaper?' We're filming in Albuquerque. It's hot, it's in the summer — it's like 112 degrees. So we feel sweaty and gross, and we just hope that we're not stinky and everything. It doesn't feel as sexy in the moment."

Love Lies Bleeding is out now in US cinemas, while UK fans will get it on May 3.

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