Manimal set for movie remake

80s TV show is the latest to get a reboot for the big screen

'Manimal' is set to be the latest 80s TV show to be remade for the big screen, according to reports.

Sony Pictures Animation has bought up the rights to the NBC show, which starred British actor Simon MacCorkindale and Melody Chase.

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Manimal... lets 'prey' it's better than the TV series (Copyright: Rex)

MacCorkindale played wealthy physician Dr Jonathan Chase, who had the ability to morph into any animal to help the police fight crime.

Though many may look back on the series with rose-tinted spectacles, it was mauled by the critics on its release in 1983.

Scheduled against 'Dallas', it was cancelled after just eight episodes following poor ratings. US magazine 'TV Guide' ranked it number 15 in its 'Worst TV Shows of All Time'.

It was a rare misfire for producer Glen A. Larson, who made 80s big hitters like 'Battlestar Galactica', 'Knight Rider', 'Quincy' and 'The Fall Guy'.

It's thought that the new movie will be a mix of CGI and live action, and is the latest in a number of 80s properties that are set to be revived.

It was announced last month that TV comedy 'ALF' is also coming to the big screen, while Denzel Washington has reportedly been cast in a remake of 'The Equalizer'.