Mara Jade connected to Star Wars VII?

Ryan Leston
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Mara Jade connected to Star Wars VII?
Will Mara Jade appear in Star Wars Rebels?

COMMENT | After plenty of speculation about how the Expanded Universe will fit into Disney's 'Star Wars' plans, it looks as though that's all down to Mara Jade.

It's no secret that the Expanded Universe is in jeopardy now that 'Star Wars: Episode VII' has come along. Often depicting events after the original trilogy, it seems that many of these classic 'Star Wars' stories will get the chop once 'Episode VII' hits. But what about Mara Jade? It looks as though this fan-favourite could make the cut… and even be connected to the upcoming sequel trilogy.

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According to 'Star Wars' fan site Star Wars 7 News, there's a good reason why Lucasfilm are clearing house when it comes to the Expanded Universe… and it's all to do with Mara Jade.

"It can be said that Rebels will introduce Mara Jade into the film canon, sometimes appearing with the Inquisitor… and she will be the living mother of Ben Skywalker."

Mara Jade Skywalker was first introduced in Timothy Zhan's 'Star Wars' epic, 'Heir to the Empire'. And after numerous appearances throughout the Expanded Universe, has become a bit of a fan favourite.

Obviously, Ben Skywalker doesn't come into play until after the original trilogy… far beyond the timeline of 'Star Wars Rebels'. But this is where Mara Jade will apparently connect with 'Star Wars VII'.

"Episode seven takes place, in 30 ABY. Jacen, and Jaina will be to Ben what Han, and Leia were to Luke. Ben is around the same age as his cousins. Chewie will be alive, and this is an all new timeline from 4 ABY forward."

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According to their anonymous source, the recent EU reshuffle is taking place because Lucasfilm and Abrams have been meeting to discuss various elements of the Expanded Universe. And from 2015 onwards, the entire 'Star Wars' universe will fall under one singular canon.

Of course, this is just a rumour and should be taken with a truck load of salt until Disney or Lucasfilm confirm otherwise… but it certainly makes a lot of sense. After decades of stories and interesting characters were produced within the EU, it seems silly to get rid of them for the sake of it. And I'm sure it'll please the fans to keep certain elements alive in the all-new 'Star Wars' universe. But will Mara Jade be the same character we know and love? For now, we'll just have to wait and see… if she appears at all.

Do you think Mara Jade will appear in 'Star Wars Rebels'? How about 'Episode VII'? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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