These collagen sachets are the most effective I've found for improving my skin, hair and nails

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I’ve tried more than my fair share of collagen products and this is by far the best. (Getty Images)
I’ve tried more than my fair share of collagen products and this is by far the best. (Getty Images)

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For years, the only way to get collagen into your skin was to have it injected, but recently the wellness market has exploded with collagen-packed supplements and skincare.

Now you can get collagen in all sorts of weird and wonderful forms and I for one, am all for it.

A quick lesson in collagen: it is a protein that naturally occurs in the body and makes up around 75% of our skin, but as we age our collagen levels begin to deplete, causing lines, wrinkles and sagging to appear.

By the time we reach the age of 40, we will have lost a third of our collagen supply, so topping it up could make a big difference.

Proponents of collagen say taking a supplement can help reduce wrinkles and dryness, to keep the skin looking plump, glowy and youthful.

If that wasn’t enough, it may also help improve the strength and shine of your hair and nails.

The thing is, as soon as something becomes popular, stores and sites become flooded with variations of the products and it can be hard to know which one to invest in.

Luckily for you, I’ve tried more than my fair share of collagen products, from supplements to liquids that you stir into your morning coffee (a heads up: if you love the taste of your coffee, do not mix collagen into it), and have finally found a product I’m ready to stick with.

Absolute Collagen Marine Liquid Collagen is made with high-grade marine collagen, in fact it contains 8000MG of collagen per serving - the highest concentrated dose you can take - and is free from lactose, gluten, dairy, artificial flavours and added sugar.

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Also available from Absolute Collagen

I keep my box by my bed and each morning, before I’ve even properly opened my eyes, I twist the top off a sachet and pop it in my mouth.

It can also be mixed with a hot or cold liquid of your choice including smoothies and yoghurt, however due to the added lemon flavour it tastes fine on its own.

In just six weeks I’ve noticed my skin looks more even, the lines around my mouth look smoother and my pores are less visible.

My hair too, even though I’ve been washing it less frequently during lockdown, feels strong and healthy, and looks thicker than ever.

What the reviews say:

  • "After three weeks there was definitely a noticeable improvement. My skin was softer, plumper and in a much better condition. Also my hair and nails were both growing more rapidly and healthier. Shaving was made much easier and there has also been a significant improvement in the wrinkles around my eyes."

  • "I have been taking Absolute Collagen for over four weeks now and can highly recommend. I'm in my early forties and keen to slow down the ageing process. Since taking AC my crows feet/wrinkles and lines on my forehead have plumped, friends and colleagues have started saying how well I'm looking.”

  • "I've only been using this product for two weeks but have noticed my eyebrows have returned, I started to lose them due to age, at the moment it's too soon to give feedback on my skin although it does seem slightly smoother."

  • "I have taken this for 12 months now and at 45 people always say I don’t look my age. I think the collagen helps keep skin looking pumper and ‘fresh’. My hair also is never brittle or dry. I will continue to take this great product."