Marion Cotillard always cries at the end of Step Brothers

Gregory Wakeman
Credit: Columbia Pictures

Marion Cotillard has confessed that she always gets surprisingly emotional watching ‘Step Brothers’, the Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly comedy that’s more famous for provoking laughs than tears.

The French actress, who has starred in ‘It’s Only The End Of The World’, ‘From The Land Of The Moon’, ‘Allied’, and ‘Assassin’s Creed’ over the last 12 months, made this admission while talking to W Magazine.

She’s well aware of just how peculiar it is to get weepy over ‘Step Brothers’, as she started of by admitting, “It might sound weird, but I always cry at the end of Step Brothers.”

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Clearly the Oscar-winning star of ‘La Vie en Rose’ has quite an affinity for the comedy, too, as she went on to confess, “I’ve seen the movie 10 times, and it still touches me at the end, when Will Ferrell sings. You don’t expect to cry watching that type of comedy, but I always do.”

Those of you that have watched ‘Step Brothers’ and can’t quite remember the scene in question that makes Cotillard so emotional can check it out below. Warning it includes some strong language, so those of you that are easily offended should proceed with caution.

I know, I know, I don’t get it, too. But while Marion Cotillard insists it has to do with Will Ferrell’s singing voice, I actually think it’s the sight of John C. Reilly as a Centaur that makes her so emotional. It’s a role that he was seemingly born to play.

Director Adam McKay previously insisted to Collider that there is a “whole story, an outline” for ‘Step Brothers 2’ that McKay, Reilly and Will Ferrell are happy with which could actually be put into production in the future. And after this admission, and the fact that Marion Cotillard made a cameo in ‘Anchorman 2’, there’s every chance she’ll pop up in the comedy if she’s asked to.

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