Mark Hamill wanders Comic-Con disguised as a stormtrooper

Ben Arnold
Mark Hamill incognito (Credit: Instagram)
Mark Hamill incognito (Credit: Instagram)

Anyone shaking hands or high-fiving a Stromtrooper at Comic-Con in San Diego over the weekend might have got more than they bargained for.

For it has emerged that Mark Hamill was walking the halls incognito, in full First Order getup.

Turns out he’s not, as Princess Leia famously remarked, all that ‘short for a stormtrooper’ after all.

Posting to his Instagram account, he said: “DAY 3 WISH LIST. A) Don’t arouse any suspicions it’s me because I’m too short for this costume B) Find that ultra-rare comic book I need to complete my collection C) Get @NathanHamill‘s autograph (if I can find Booth #1415) D) Find the perfect nacho.”

He did not update on the nacho situation.

But he did also don a second, perhaps less impressive disguise to attend the panel for comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Hamill is not the first famous face to don a mask and hit the convention floor, where he would be most certainly mobbed by fans otherwise.

Fellow Star Wars star Lupita Nyong’o dressed as the Pink Power Ranger last year.

Bryan Cranston (Credit: Getty)
Bryan Cranston (Credit: Getty)

Elsewhere, Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston wore a Walter White face mask in 2013, Daniel Radcliffe a Spider-Man outfit in 2014, and Henry Cavill a V For Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask in 2016.

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