Mark Ronson’s Eager to Make More Music With Ryan Gosling: “We Definitely Had a Lot of Fun”

Mark Ronson “would love to make more music” with Barbie star Ryan Gosling, the music producer told Billboard this week.

“We definitely had a lot of fun,” Ronson said of his collaboration with Gosling. Ronson, alongside Andrew Wyatt, produced the now Oscar-nominated soundtrack for the film, which includes Gosling’s Oscar and Grammy-nominated song, “I’m Just Ken.”

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“Ryan…he’s got amazing taste and great ideas, and he’s an extremely funny and talented musician and singer,” Ronson said.

He added that the pair had even more fun working on the Christmas edition of “I’m Just Ken” — released December 2023, five months after Barbie hit the box office — as it allowed them a chance to rekindle their friendship.

“I probably hadn’t spoken to him for about a year till the movie was wrapping up,” Ronson said. “And I was like, ‘Hey, we finished the version actually, Slash is playing on it, I just want to make sure you’re happy with it before we mix it.’ And he really loved it.”

Ronson continued, “We made [the Christmas] version and then we started to hang, and definitely, I would love to make more music. You know, I think it would be great. And we’ve talked about it a little bit.”

Upon its original release, “I’m Just Ken” earned Gosling a spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Now, the track is nominated for a Grammy at Sunday’s ceremony (up for best song written for visual media) and an Oscar (best song).

In November, Ronson revealed that Gosling had originally not planned to sing in the film, but changed his mind upon hearing “I’m Just Ken.”

“I remember [Barbie director Greta Gerwig] wrote back saying, ‘Ryan says this song speaks to him very deeply,'” he said. “The next thing we knew, Greta said Ryan’s down to sing it, and we are going to rewrite this battle scene to incorporate it.”

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