Mark Ruffalo urges Wisconsin voters to safeguard US democracy from ‘nutjobs’

Mark Ruffalo has urged people from his home state of Wisconsin to help “safeguard American democracy against nutjobs” ahead of a US political fundraising event.

The actor will join other famous faces from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Don Cheadle and Rosario Dawson, for the pro-democrat event on Sunday.

The event, billed as The Marvel Cast Unites To Save Democracy, hopes to encourage voter turnout in the state, ahead of the looming US midterm elections.

Voting for midterms elections will be held on November 8.

Ruffalo, who is from Kenosha, in Wisconsin, has been known to be vocal online about socio-political issues, including the environment and women’s rights.

“We’re going to have some fun, play some games, talk about my home state with love and we’re going to fight for the safeguard of American democracy against these nutjobs,” he said in a promotional video for the event.

“As goes Wisconsin so goes the nation and getting out to vote on November 8 is absolutely critical if we want to protect our democracy and women’s reproductive rights for generations to come.”

Also attending the event will be Natalia Cordova, and Clark Gregg, who both star in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D series, as well as the Wisconsin lieutenant governor Mandela Barnes.

Democrats in the state have staged previous fundraising events enlisting the help of celebrities including the casts of The West Wing and Veep, which reportedly raised almost 700,000 dollars (£613,000).