Married At First Sight UK could feature its first polyamorous couple

Paul C Brunson wants Married At First Sight UK to move with the times credit:Bang Showbiz
Paul C Brunson wants Married At First Sight UK to move with the times credit:Bang Showbiz

'Married At First Sight UK' star Paul C Brunson wants a polyamorous couple on the show.

The 49-year-old relationship guru and matchmaker - who also works as Tinder's head of global research - admitted the Channel 4 show needs to "keep up" with changes in the way society views romance.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I've never had this question. I am pro love and this is what I stand for.

"I have friends in polyamorous relationships and I’ve done the research on them and I know there are high levels of satisfaction when you have high levels of communication.

"So, as society demands changes in our relationships, we as a show will have to keep up with that and we’ll have to follow the same path."

In his new book, the 'Find Love' author has preached the benefits of finding "a strong partner", describing it as "the most important decision we make in our lifetime".

He explained: "With a strong partner you live longer, you’re healthier, you make more money, you’re able to realise all the things that you’re looking to get out of life.

"But when you choose the wrong partner, or worse, you’re just chosen, you tend not to get all those things."

He also reflected on people "who are unsure if they're with or married to the strongest partner", as he reflected on the 'Long-Term Relationship Satisfaction Scale (LRSS)', which he created with psychologist to "evaluate" the strength of your relationship and "areas you need to work on".

He said the research suggests in the UK, US and similar places, 80 percent of marriages "are less satisfied than ever", with the remaining 20 percent being people who "put in the work".

Asked why he thinks the number is so low, he added: "Well, we require more from our partner today than ever before. We’re looking for our intellectual equal, our best sex mate, best co-parent, best CEO of the business we’re launching.

"But back in the 1980s and 1970s it didn’t used to be that way; you would have a village of people meeting those needs. It’s very difficult to get everything from one person.

"That’s another reason why people are re-evaluating if monogamy is for them."