Martha Stewart to reveal all in no-holds-barred Netflix documentary

Martha Stewart will star in a documentary series about her life.

The doyenne of the kitchen has signed on to appear in a four-part documentary series about her life that will reportedly leave no stone unturned.

“She is sharing home videos, photos, and is very involved,” reporter Paula Froelich told News Nation.

The show will follow Martha’s rise from her early modelling career to running her own entertainment empire.

It will reportedly also dive into contentious topics, such as the 82-year old's five-month imprisonment from 2004 to 2005 for insider trading.

Screening on Netflix, the series is set to be directed by RJ Cutler, who also helmed The September Issue – the award-winning behind-the-scenes look at Anna Wintour’s stewardship of Vogue magazine.

The news comes in the same week as CNN will begin airing its own four-part docu-series about Martha’s life, which is unauthorised by the businesswoman.