Martha Stewart Shares Her Etiquette Tips for Eating Out and Traveling: 'I Never Leave Messes' (Exclusive)

The lifestyle guru — who partnered with Dunkin' to highlight when it's acceptable to shake your iced coffee — tells PEOPLE what she considers an etiquette "no-no"



Martha Stewart knows a thing or two about etiquette.

The lifestyle guru, 82, teamed up with Dunkin' on a cute social video highlighting when it's acceptable to shake a cup of iced coffee. While chatting exclusively with PEOPLE about the partnership, she opens up about more behavior tips, particularly for eating out and traveling.

When it comes to etiquette at a restaurant, Stewart used a recent outing with her granddaughter Jude, 12, as an example.

"She sits straight, she puts her napkin on her lap, she can eat with chopsticks ... and she's extremely polite," the proud grandma says of their dinner in New York City. "We had the most pleasant time, but it really does require pleasant behavior in a restaurant."

(Stewart is also grandmother to Truman, 11 — her daughter Alexis' second child.)

Stewart mentions that "eating too fast" or "stuffing your face full of food" is a "no-no," as is "being unpleasant to waitstaff."

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Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Martha Stewart with her granddaughter Jude
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Martha Stewart with her granddaughter Jude

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As for traveling, Stewart says "I never leave messes" and details how she goes above and beyond to make a hotel room clean before departing her stay.

"If I'm traveling, I fold my towels and leave them in a neat little pile," she says. "I wipe up the sink. I don't leave any garbage anywhere."

"I leave the hangers hanging in the closet. I hang the robe back up, if I've used it, on a hook," continues the businesswoman.

Adds Stewart: "I just can't bear it when people leave a horrible mess in the room. It's the worst."

<p>Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty</p>

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

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Now, Stewart is taking what she knows about etiquette and applying it to when she drinks her iced coffee, which is where her new partnership with Dunkin' comes in.

"Shaking your iced coffee? Some say it's okay," she begins in the clip. "Others frown upon it, I say, go with it, as long as you follow the rules."

The recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover star notes that "shaking your iced coffee loud and proud is perfectly acceptable" when you're in a "lively social gathering." Stewart later explains that "a more intimate setting may call for more discreet shaking."

"Consider this the iced coffee shaker’s official rule book," Stewart captioned her post.

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