Martin Freeman discusses the future of Everett Ross in the MCU

Martin Freeman says it's 'a real pleasure' to get to play Everett Ross in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and said he enjoys being part of the studio's ensemble.

Freeman joined the MCU for 2016 sequel Captain America: Civil War and subsequently appeared in Black Panther, with his third outing coming in this week's Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

"I'm always very delighted if Marvel call. I get to just come in and have a little holiday and visit, then go back to my other life," Freeman tells Yahoo UK.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is out in UK cinemas from 11 November.

Video transcript

TOM BEASLEY: I guess you're in this film, without spoiling anything, part of something that's been, kind of, bubbling under for a little while in the background of the MCU now.


TOM BEASLEY: I guess is that something you're keen to explore going forward?

MARTIN FREEMAN: If they want me, absolutely, yeah. I mean, I'm always very delighted if Marvel call. Because as you say, I get to just come in and have a little holiday, and visit, and then go back to my other life. So for me, it's a really enjoyable way of doing it.

This is my third time as Everett in films and yeah, it's a real pleasure. I like playing him. So just wherever-- if they wanted me again, great.

If they didn't, no hard feelings. But yeah, I'd love to come along somewhere else for the ride. Yeah.

TOM BEASLEY: And obviously, with the rapidly expanding tentacles of Marvel into Disney Plus series and stuff, there's always the possibility of a Ross TV show or a film of your own. Is that something that you'd be keen to do?

MARTIN FREEMAN: There is that possibility. Yes, there is. You never know. I mean, I'd be-- yes, is the answer. Yes, of course, I'd be keen. Yeah.

TOM BEASLEY: I guess, is it interesting the prospect of stepping up to be a lead or do you, sort of, enjoy being part of the, kind of, ensemble?

MARTIN FREEMAN: I enjoy being part of the ensemble. I'm very, very happy in this context. I mean, I like being the lead in other things, but in this context, I quite like being, you know-- yeah, I like being where I am. Yeah.

TOM BEASLEY: You've done a couple of these "Black Panther" films now. How many times have you heard the Tolkien white guy joke?

MARTIN FREEMAN: Well, I mean, we heard it a lot-- we only really heard it when me and Andy did the press for the first one because we were doing our press together. And we were known as the Tolkien white guys.

And I understand that some people didn't quite understand that it was Tolkien. They thought we were just calling us the token white guys, which obviously that's the play on words. But it was maybe a bit on the nose if it wasn't the Tolkien bit. Yeah, I don't hear it very often, but thank you for reminding me.

TOM BEASLEY: It's a good line.

MARTIN FREEMAN: Yeah, it is a good line.