Martin Roberts is horrified by the idea of stripping off for Strictly The Real Full Monty

Martin Roberts is horrified at the idea of getting his kit off on telly credit:Bang Showbiz
Martin Roberts is horrified at the idea of getting his kit off on telly credit:Bang Showbiz

Martin Roberts is dreading getting his kit off on the ‘Strictly The Real Full Monty’.

The ‘Homes Under The Hammer” presenter has admitted the idea of stripping off on the show fills him “with utter horror” but he is facing his fear in memory of his best friend and colleague Dave, died after being diagnosed with bowel cancer.

The 58-year-old property expert wrote in the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I am dedicating my appearance on 'Strictly The Real Full Monty' to Dave, and I know he’d be laughing his socks off at the prospect.

"He’d also know what a huge thing this is for me. I’m not body confident. I was badly bullied for being fat as a child, and those insecurities are hard to dislodge. I’ve happily managed 35 years on TV without revealing any part of my private anatomy, so the idea of getting stark b****** naked in front of millions of TV viewers and a 3,000-strong audience fills me with utter horror.”

The BBC Radio 4 ‘Moneybox’ host described his late pal - who was the best man at his wedding - as “my confidante, my rock and sounding board", and added: "My best buddy was cruelly yanked from my life and the life of all those who loved him.”

Martin - who will be on baring all as part of the special on 13 and 14 December on ITV - is joining a star-studded line-up of stars taking their clothes off for a good cause, including Duncan James, Christine McGuinness and Laila Morse.

He praised the celeb dancers’ “amazing mentor” Ashley Banjo - who shot to fame as a member of dance troupe Diversity on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ - and revealed he worked hard to “lose a few lockdown inches” before he got his kit off for the charity appeal.

He said: “We have an amazing mentor in the shape of Diversity's Ashley Banjo, who has taken us on an incredible dance journey. I’ve been dieting to try to lose a few lockdown inches, and Sarah, my hastily employed personal trainer, had five weeks to get me from ‘creaking’ to ‘vaguely flexible.' "