Marvel Rumor Claims The Studio May Be Distancing Itself From Jonathan Majors’ Kang

 Jonathan Majors as He Who Remains.
Jonathan Majors as He Who Remains.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe changed the film industry forever, resulting in both serialized storytelling and shared universes becoming commonplace. Fans are eager to see what Phases Four and Five are building toward in upcoming Marvel movies, especially the next two Avengers flicks. But there’s a big question surrounding them: Kang actor Jonathan Majors’ legal issues and assault charge. And a new Marvel rumor claims the studio may be distancing itself from Majors, who was expected to be the next Thanos-level threat to the MCU.

Jonathan Majors was charged with assault and more related to an alleged conflict with his ex, after both Ant-Man 3 and Loki Season 1 set up Kang’s role in the greater MCU. Things only got more included when he was included in Loki Season 2, playing two different variants of his signature character. And in a new episode of her podcast House of R, journalist and author of MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios Joanna Robinson claimed that the studio is “moving away” from all the Kang-related focus for the shared universe. Although she didn’t offer much more insight than that, so bring on the speculation and rumors.

It’s unclear if she means that Jonathan Majors will be replaced as Kang, or if the villain’s storyline will be avoided altogether. And since the studio itself has given no indication of parting ways with the Creed III actor yet, we should probably take this with a giant of salt. But all eyes are on what’s going to happen, especially with Majors’ trial expected to begin shortly. The legal situation was made all the more complicated because Majors may also be facing charges in the U.K.. Only time will tell how it all shakes out.

Joanna Robinson previously reports that Marvel knew it had an issue with Majors’ Kang, but was unable to write around it for Loki Season 2 due to the WGA Strike. Those fans who have been watching the Marvel movies in order know we’ve been building to his villainous role for years, which was expected to take center stage in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. We’ll just have to see if another Kang takes his place, or if that concept for the next Avengers movie is scrapped altogether. But with projects like The Marvels struggling at the box office, the stakes are high.

For his part, Jonathan Majors and his legal team have maintained his innocence throughout his current legal situation. And if he ends up being cleared of the charges, the studio could presumably move forward with its original plans. Only time will tell how it all goes down.

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