New Marvel show lands amazing first reactions: "This is the definitive incarnation of the X-Men"

 X-Men '97.
X-Men '97.

New Marvel series X-Men ‘97 has landed some impressive first reactions, ahead of its release on Disney Plus.

The new animated series created by Beau DeMayo is a revival of X-Men: The Animated Series, which ran from 1992 to 1997. Picking up right where that show ended off, the new series follows the X-Men as they face some new challenges following the death of Professor X. Plenty of the original voice actors are back for the nostalgia-packed series, and it seems like it’s living up to its hype. Check out some of the reactions below.

Anthony Galiardi from The Movie Podcast writes: "#Xmen97 is PURE X-MEN HYPE! It captures the essence of what made the original series legendary while infusing it with MIND-BLOWING animation, a captivating storyline, and a mature tone. The first three episodes are highly satisfying, marking a NEW ERA for our beloved outcasts."

The Radio Times’ Morgan Jeffery adds: "I have seen #XMen97 and the biggest compliment I can pay is that it feels *just* like watching the original show – a note-perfect recreation, it captures the soul of what made the '90s series so special."

"Just screened the first 3 eps of #XMen97 & I couldn’t be happier with it," says critic Wendy Lee Szany. "When that theme song kicked in, it feels like I was transported back in time. The story, performances, & animation are great, w/ cliffhangers that’ll make you scream. A must watch."

X-Men '97
X-Men '97

Geekcentric’s Justin Lawrence tweets: "#XMen97 is PHENOMENAL! It seamlessly blends nostalgia with modern animation, capturing the essence of the beloved '90s series with a fresh perspective. The action and fight scenes are INCREDIBLE! Everything feels upgraded but still familiar. Get ready, Bub. This one cuts deep!"

"#XMen97 is incredible. It brought me back to the nostalgia of the original but also updated it to be more suspenseful & intriguing. After 3 episodes, they leave you wanting more with their mini-cliffhangers.Jubilee was drawn to look more Asian too. So, that's awesome! #xmen," shares Laura Sirikul.

"#XMen97 is a FRESH and X-TRAORDINARY revival of one of the most iconic animated series ever. I watched 3 episodes, all with ASTONISHING animation, terrific team dynamics, and banger soundtrack. This is the DEFINITIVE incarnation of the X-Men and a must watch for fans old and new," Daniel Baptista from The Movie Podcast tweets.

Cinema Blend’s Adam Holmes writes: "I've seen the first 3 episodes of #XMen97, and this show understood the assignment. It excels as a revival of X-Men: The Animated Series, boasting improved animation and storytelling, but still feeling like a proper continuation. And yes, the opening credits continue to slap!"

X-Men ‘97 hits Disney+ on with the first two episodes on Wednesday, March 20. For more, check out our guides to upcoming Marvel movies and shows.