Marvel Wants A Clean Slate For Spider-Man

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After rumours of a high-profile Spider-Man deal in the wake of Sony’s recent hack, it looks as though Marvel would want complete creative control… and to get rid of Andrew Garfield.

That’s right folks – Andrew Garfield may be the only positive thing to come out of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ franchise, but it looks as though Marvel wouldn’t be too keen on keeping him around. That is, if they eventually took control of Spider-Man in a ground-breaking studio deal.

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According to the Latino Review, Marvel and Sony were in extended talks over a 60/40 deal for the rights to the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise… but Marvel had some rather big demands.

“The 60/40 split still looks to be the divide with Sony handling distribution,” they explain. “However, Marvel’s not inclined to give Sony creative control over the character, nor [are they] planning on honoring the contracts with Sony’s Spider-Stars.”

Essentially, if a deal goes ahead between Marvel and Sony for those Spider-Man rights, Marvel Studios wants to wipe the slate clean… and that potentially means getting rid of Andrew Garfield.

Of course, it makes sense from their perspective. After all, they don’t want to get lumbered with the arduous task of righting a faltering franchise. Instead, they’d rather draw a line under everything Sony has done so far and start afresh.

And you can hardly blame them.

“More poking into the origins of the Aunt May solo film and Female Spider movie rumors revealed that these were actual Sony Picture Entertainment plans that Marvel knew about and severely disliked.”

Obviously, there’s also the more practical side to consider. Marvel has watched Sony build their own Spider-Man universe for many years… and if they took over the character, would they really want to dwell on the creative decisions of another studio?

One big example of this would be the fate of Gwen Stacy in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’. It’s certainly something that would affect Peter Parker in profound ways… and if Marvel is planning on introducing a more light-hearted Spider-Man into the MCU, this would provide a rather huge stumbling block.

But will any of this happen?

For the time being, it looks as though discussions between Marvel and Sony have worn thin… and with ‘Captain America: Civil War’ on the horizon, perhaps Sony has missed its chance.

But for now, we’ll have to wait and see.

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Picture Credit: Marvel/Sony

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