The Marvels' Rotten Tomatoes score unveiled

brie larson, iman vellani, the marvels
The Marvels' Rotten Tomatoes score revealedMarvel Studios

The Marvels' Rotten Tomatoes score has been revealed, and the latest addition to the MCU leaving critics divided.

Starring Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris and Iman Vellani as their respective superheroes Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan, The Marvels sees the trio team up against Zawe Ashton's villain Dar-Benn in an intergalactic drama where each of its heroes' powers are entangled.

The first reviews have made their way online ahead of the film's release on November 10, and the movie is currently sitting at 57% on the review aggregator site after 107 reviews.

While responses to the movie were overall divided, critics have praised director Nia DaCosta as well as Vellani's performance as Kamala Khan.

brie larson, the marvels
Marvel Studios

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Digital Spy gave the movie four stars, calling The Marvels a "charmingly fun, silly, action-packed intergalactic ride". We added: "Nia DaCosta strikes a marvellous balance between epic action scenes and some hilarious music-based sequences."

Here's what some of the other reviews have said:


"Larson, Harris and Vellani are an entertaining intergalactic ensemble."


"In an era where the Marvel Cinematic Universe frequently shuttles between multiverse escapades and interplanetary conflicts, Nia DaCosta's The Marvels emerges as a breath of fresh air, eschewing bombast for a nuanced exploration of its characters."

iman vellani, brie larson, teyonah parris, the marvels
Marvel Studios

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"This film actually attempts to be new and fresh — Vellani and Parris have enough charm to power 10 more films, and the 'wacky' moments that pepper this one are welcome respite that show real originality from DaCosta.

"If The Marvels shows us anything, it's a fleeting glimpse of what the MCU could look like, if only it was superheroic enough to try."

Associated Press

"As is often the case with Marvel’s girl power attempts, it feels a little pandering in all the wrong places and doesn’t really engage with any specific or unique female point of view."

The Independant

"While Marvel’s been busy flooding us with endless, exhaustive content, DaCosta’s movie offers us the one thing that made this franchise work in the first place – heroes we actually want to root for."


"There’s a place in the MCU for wackjob silliness. But in The Marvels, the bits of absurd comedy tend to feel strained, because they clash with the movie’s mostly utilitarian tone."

The Hollywood Reporter

"It’s Vellani who really splashes... As the three women fight to save their galaxy, Khan proves herself to be the key to the success of this dynamic trio. She helps Monica brainstorm and encourages Carol to soften up. She's undeniably a badass and, if Disney and Marvel are smart, she’s the future of the franchise."

The Marvels is released in cinemas on November 10.

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