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Spence Moore II (photo by Harry Eelman)
Spence Moore II (photo by Harry Eelman)

Are there any teasers for the 1,000th and 1,001st episodes of the NCIS-verse aka the NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i episodes? –Teags
Regarding the actual 1,000th episode of the NCIS franchise, I can exclusively report that Director Leon Vance’s son will figure into the “personal” crisis at hand — and this time around Jared will be played by Spence Moore II, whom you may recognize from his roles in Superman & Lois, grown-ish, ABC’s The Wonder Years reboot and/or All American. Jared has previously been played by Khamani Griffin (in Season 6) and Akinsola Aribo (Seasons 9-11); Moore’s debut airs Monday, April 15.

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Will NCIS‘ “The Stories We Leave Behind” be shown again? –Jill
As a matter of fact, that beautiful David McCallum/Ducky tribute will get an encore this Monday at 9/8c, ahead of NCIS‘ return with fresh episodes the following week on March 25. (The episode of course can also be streamed on Paramount+.)

What can we expect in Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 (premiering tonight at 9/8c) for Simone and Lucas? –Natalie
In the wake of the couple’s Season 19 finale hookup — and their breach of protocol by operating on guest patient Sam without an attending — Simone will grapple with the fact that Lucas scarily has no brakes. “In any other profession, people’s personalities don’t have the high stakes they do in the operating room,” notes showrunner Meg Marinis. “But if people are impulsive or reserved or anything like that [in the medical field], that goes into patient care, into surgery.” So for Simone and Lucas to move forward together, they will “have to reconcile that with one another.”

I heard about Natalie Morales joining Grey’s Anatomy as a guest star for Season 20. Is there any info on her character? –Shirley
Peds surgeon Monica Beltran is “very no-nonsense,” showrunner Meg Marinis tells TVLine, so the Grey Sloan newcomer “kinda butts heads with some of our doctors,” who can be a bit more… emotional. “When someone isn’t super-professional [with Monica], it can create fun tension to play.”

Will Travis from Station 19 be given a break and given more time with Eli? Better yet, now that Dixon is dead, will the show bring back Emmett to play spoiler? –G.R.
Showrunners Zoanne Clack and Peter Paige won’t rule out fallout from Dixon’s demise for Travis. But then again, Paige hastens to add, “It depends on what you mean by ‘fallout.’” For the widower, the series’ final season (premiering tonight at 10/9c) mainly concerns “finding himself and learning more about himself,” Clack says.

Any update or news on Andy’s love life as Station 19 comes to a close? –Riia
Don’t bet on any major romantic travails, seeing as the newly appointed captain has bigger fish to fry. As showrunner Peter Paige told TVLine, in the wake of Season 6’s finale (recapped here), “the station has been through something really horrific, one of their own is in great distress, and Andy’s got to find a way to lead. She’s wanted the talking stick for so long, and she’s finally got it! What’s that going to mean? How is she going to use it?” Those are the questions she’ll be focused on answering.

I liked Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s character on Will Trent. Yes, Paul Campano was a jerk, but he is like a brother to Will. Will he be back? –Sandy
“We want to” have him back, executive producer Daniel Thomsen recently told TVLine. “I mean, we’re super thrilled that his show” — NBC’s already-renewed Found — “is doing well. Really happy for him. We worked with him on [Fox’s] The Passage, as well, and he brings so much.” But EP Liz Heldens also wants to temper expectations for any MPG encore during this strikes-shortened Season 2, noting, “We’re doing our best with this 10-episode order.”

Any scoop on Ghosts? –Karen
Despite being rebuffed more than once by Alberta, Pete has “not completely moved on, and I think Alberta’s starting to see some surprising sides of Pete that are interesting to her this season,” co-showrunner Joe Port says. “But she’s got her own romantic interests, outside of Pete, that are going to spark.” Like this fella?

This Lucifer fan has been loving Lesley-Ann Brandt on The Ones Who Live. Anything on what’s ahead for Pearl with Rick and Michonne now escaped? –Esta
When I asked Brandt to sum up her Walking Dead: TOWL arc, she said that Pearl’s journey “starts as a true commitment to the future, and it evolves into surviving whatever that future turns out to be. And where it ends is with deep hurt… but I think some redemption.”

Chicago P.D. has been doing a lot of character-specific episodes, which I love, but we haven’t really seen much of Trudy the last few years. Is there any hope for a good Trudy storyline? –Ingmar
“Yes, Platt (played by Amy Morton) will be appearing in the back half of the season,” showrunner Gwen Sigan tells Inside Line. “We have some really beautiful scenes for her coming up, helping a few of our characters deal with the cost of this job.” Specifically, “I’m also very excited about an upcoming Upton episode (Episode 10 of this season) that features Platt heavily,” Sigan shared. “She’s a real part of the case — and it’s perhaps one of our strangest and darkest cases of the season.”

Any info on whether the Impractical Jokers library content will also move to TBS alongside the library content on truTV? This new truTV sports overhaul has me a bit scared and worried as an Impractical Jokers fan. –Thea
This is what I found out, I hope it asnwers your multi-pronged query: “Impractical Jokers episodes (10 seasons) are available to stream on Max. On linear, the series will continue to simulcast on both truTV and TBS through early April, before moving to its new home on TBS with fresh episodes this summer. Past seasons of Impractical Jokers will air on truTV prior to 6 pm each day.”

Are we going to find out what is going on with Nina on FBI: Most Wanted? For someone who seemed pretty excited about becoming a mother while on FBI, she hasn’t seemed real thrilled whenever the subject comes up on Most Wanted. Will this be addressed? –Karon
Quite possi-maybe! Showrunner David Hudgins tells Inside Line, “We will go home with Nina, Scola and the baby in an upcoming episode.”

In FBI: International‘s [Feb. 27] episode, we learned that Tate (played by Season 3 addition Christine Wolfe) has a daughter. Will we learn anymore about her this season?TPB
It sounds like it! When I delivered your Q to EP Matt Olmstead, he wrote back to preview that “a custody issue with her daughter’s Hungarian father comes to a head.”

So much turnover on [Law & Order:] Organized Crime every year if you aren’t named Stabler, Bell or Jett. Please say Reyes didn’t leave the show. Love Rick Gonzalez since his early movies and later run on Arrow, and thought he was great on this show. –Dave
You can rest assured that Gonzalez’s Reyes is still with the team, though he won’t be seen in this Thursday’s episode of the NBC drama.

I’m sure it’s too soon for the comprehensive and incomparable renewal scorecard to return so in the interim, any insight re the chances of Quantum Leap Season 3? –Frank
Not “too soon” by much! Barely a week after your email landed, behold, our annual Renewal Scorecard is live, Quantum Leap prognosis and all!

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