Matthew Fox didn’t recognise himself in new film

Edward Bovingdon
Yahoo UK Movies News

You may remember Matthew Fox from popular TV series ‘Lost’ but you will struggle to identify him in his new film as even the actor didn’t recognise himself.

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The 46-year-old star underwent a major body makeover and lost over 44lbs (20kg) for his new role as a serial killer in the upcoming thriller ‘Alex Cross’.

Speaking to Men’s Health, Fox said: “I never watch my films while we’re making them, so when the images came out on the internet, someone sent it to me.

“I opened it up and was like ‘holy s**t’. I could hardly even believe it was me. But, it was exactly what I wanted to look like.”

Fox explained that when he first read the script he immediately felt that the character was a “burning energy on almost a hyper level”. He imagined that the character would look “almost disturbingly vascular and tendony, and just... weird”.

In order to create the look Fox went on a strict diet of chicken breasts, steamed broccoli and protein shakes, along with an extensive exercise programme.

He said: “I didn’t want to lose weight unhealthily, but I didn’t know how to do it any other way. I read somewhere that when Christian Bale was preparing for ‘The Machinist’ he ate nothing but an apple a day for months. Just one apple. That can’t be good for you.”

Speaking about the rigorous exercise regime, he told the magazine: “If I’m honest, sometimes I hated it. I did enjoy the results, and it made the whole thing worthwhile. It’s an empowering thing to realise just how much control we have over our bodies.”

Watch Matthew Fox in action in the 'Alex Cross' trailer below:

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