Matty Healy Joins Taylor Swift's Parents in Private Box During Eras Tour

The 1975’s frontman Matty Healy was spotted with Taylor Swift’s parents in a private box, at her Eras Tour concert in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, May 13.

Video recorded by Eleanora Watson shows Healy and Swift’s dad Scott nodding along to her 2012 hit song ‘22’.

Speaking to Storyful, Watson said Swift’s parents were originally there alone before Healy joined them.

“The girls next to me and I all recognized him immediately as we have heard rumors about him and Taylor previously… He was so sweet the whole time nodding to her music and such,” she explained.

Swift is rumored to be dating the English singer, with the pair spotted holding hands at a dinner in New York City on May 11. Healy has attended all of her Eras Tour shows in both Nashville and Philadelphia. Credit: Eleanora Watson via Storyful

Video transcript