MaXXXine gets rave first reactions after surprise screening

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MaXXXine gets rave first reactionsJustin Lubin - Universal

MaXXXine has received some very positive first reactions after a surprise screening.

The film is the third part of a trilogy of horror films, following on from X and its prequel Pearl. It follows adult film actress Maxine, played by Mia Goth, who was the sole survivor of the first film.

On Thursday night, a venue in Los Angeles hosted what was meant to be a double bill of X and Pearl, with a Q&A session with trilogy director Ti West and star Lily Collins (Emily in Paris).

After showing X, the duo told the crowd that they would be getting to see MaXXXine early, and that they were allowed to share their thoughts on social media.

mia goth, elizabeth debicki, maxxxine

"With #MaXXXine, Ti West's trilogy becomes one of my absolute favorites out there.

"Because I know many are bound to ask – I can’t rank X, Pearl and MaXXXine for you because I love them all, and they're all so distinct. There's no doubt I'll be most in the mood for one on one day and a different one the next, and I think that's a beautiful thing," Collider's Perri Nemiroff wrote.

Another critic said: "I loved it and loved that it’s another huge style change, just like Pearl was from X, that is very fitting for the era and setting of the film. This is just one kick ass horror trilogy!"

Further posts called the film "A glorious, epic salute to the history of cinematic LA sleaze in all of its forms" and "a rad f**king film!"

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"#MaXXXine is a BLAST!" wrote another attendee. "Mia Goth is powerhouse perfection. Kevin Bacon in sleazeball mode (seersucker suit & gold grin). Leans full tilt into De Palma & Friedkin inspos, paying homage to slashers & video nasties. Houses the best use of St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)."

As well as Goth, Collins and Bacon, the film also stars Better Call Saul's Giancarlo Esposito, The Crown's Elizabeth Debicki, singer Halsey, and Ant Man and The Wasp actor Bobby Cannavale.

MaXXXine is set to be released in US cinemas on July 5. It will then be released in the UK on August 9.

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