McDonald's drive-thru worker goes viral after entertaining traffic queues with his dance moves

A McDonald's employee has gone viral after keeping the queues of customers entertained with his flamboyant dance moves.

Gavyn Brewster, a floor manager at the restaurant in Swansea, is also a professional drag queen at the Kings Arms and treated his customers to a Beyoncé dance routine after the store reopened its drive-thru on Wednesday (June 3).

Curtis Tucker, the filmer told Newsflare: "After all this waiting, McDonald's down in Morfa eventually opened and there were hundreds of people in the carpark.

We were all being directed by the amazing drag queen Diana D. He was directing the traffic while dancing around and just making everyone smile! The wait was around 45 minutes long and it was all just a pleasure to watch because of Diana D!"

Diana D (@dragqueendianad) has gone viral after Tucker (@curtistucker1) posted the hilarious video to Facebook with the caption: "Literally the best McDonald’s I’ve ever had"