Meet the characters of Pixar's Monsters University

Mike P Williams
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Meet the characters of Pixar's Monsters University

Charlie Day's Art character is one of the more interesting new faces.

It's not long now until Pixar release their 14th animated feature. By now you'll no doubt be aware that their latest film, 'Monsters University', is the anticipated sequel (or prequel?) to the popular 2001 hit, 'Monsters, Inc.'.

So far there's not been that much detail revealed about the 'Monsters University' characters and new additions to the cast other than what we see in the trailers. So when Entertainment Weekly exclusively revealed more details on its cast and character biographies, it was a much welcomed dose of info.

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New kids on campus

Aside from the established, central characters of this and its predecessor, 'Monsters, Inc.', there are plenty of others to take a look at besides Billy Crystal's Mike and John Goodman's Sulley. There's a whole host of new faces and exciting voice actors to accompany the sequel, such as 'Firefly's' Nathan Fillion who plays Johnny Worthington, a horned monster that, from the image provided by EW, appears to be the campus jock. Steve Buscemi returns to reprise his role as Randall, only this time by the cuter name of Randy. Legendary Brit Dame Helen Mirren also stars as Dean Hardscrabble, a veteran in the scaring world. Other names include 'The Office' star, John Krasinski, as well as Alfred Molina as a respected professor from MU's School of Scaring. 'Horrible Bosses' and 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' funny man Charlie Day appears as one of the more visually interesting characters simply known as Art. And of course the cast list wouldn't be complete without the recurring appearance of John Ratzenberger ( he's appeared in every Pixar feature thus far) as a Monsters. Inc. employee.

Scarily good casting

There's certainly a pleasing array of new characters to see and known voice actors involved in the project, but that's only natural for Pixar to have gathered such an esteemed ensemble. The quality on offer should translate well onto screen as it has done so well in the past, making 'Monsters University' one for Pixar fans to be looking forward to.

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It's great to be given new details as the release date of the film draws ever closer. The ba ckground information on a dozen or so of the film's characters will whet your appetite, and going by the EW bios it seems that some characters may have pretty significant roles to play.

What do you think of the new additions to the Pixar universe? Besides Mike and Sulley, who are you favourites?