Meet the retirement rebel who sold her belongings to live life on the road

Siobhan Daniels aka The Retirement Rebel (Photo: Writer's Retreat UK)
Siobhan Daniels aka The Retirement Rebel (Photo: Writer's Retreat UK)

Siobhan Daniels sold all of her possessions so she could see hills as adventures to drive over in her motorhome, pursuing a lifelong dream.

Siobhan is a trailblazer as a ‘positive ageing’ influencer who worked as a journalist for almost 30 years before taking a gap year backpacking when her daughter left to go to university.

Writer's Retreat UK founder Jan (Photo: Writer's Retreat UK)
Writer's Retreat UK founder Jan (Photo: Writer's Retreat UK)

Ever since that solo holiday experience she has set about selling all of her belongings to buy a motorhome and travelling around the country inspiring other people to pursue their dreams because “anything is possible.”

Siobhan even had her first book published in her 60s, fulfilling one of her ambitions to be an author.

"Over the last four years since I retired at 60, I have been a pro-age campaigner travelling Great Britain and Ireland. I constantly encourage women to face their fears and have their adventures. Now it was my time to show that I am up for the challenge of heading to France in Dora."

Claire Kenny, who has followed her journey, is helping to organise a special event this September where Siobhan will be encouraging other writers to get their stories out there, but most importantly that life doesn’t stop at a certain age.

She said: “I’m working with Writers’ Retreat UK who host all-inclusive luxury retreats for writers who want the space and time to focus on their projects.

“Like Siobhan a lot of us can enter midlife and the menopause feeling ‘broken’ and not giving ourselves the time we need to pursue our own dreams.

“As a writer I love going to Writer’s Retreat UK in North Yorkshire but for many people it can sound daunting which is why we invited Siobhan along to give people a motivational talk and workshop to help them to explore all their opportunities of growing older.”

Claire herself, who initially struggled with turning 40, is now embracing being closer to 50 as she has set her own blog ‘My 40 plus life’ and is enjoying a new career as a speech writer.

Siobhan said: "I'm really excited to share my story at Writers Retreat. I'll be sharing my personal journey on surviving, thriving and ageing positively with guests and will also be talking about how I combine my writing career with my retirement adventures in my motorhome.

“These sessions are open to everyone, and I'm hoping lots of guests will join me and share their perspectives and questions too. My aim is that people of all ages will leave feeling that anything is possible."

Writers Retreat owner Jan Birley said: "So many people feel they've left it too late to pursue their dream and Siobhan is proof that's absolutely not the case.”

Jan who is an established writer herself set up Writer’s Retreat UK four years ago after she had been given the gift of cash to go on a writers' retreat. Unable to find the kind of retreat she was looking for, she set up her own. Jan has run retreats as a passion business ever since.

You can join Siobhan , Jan and Claire on a half-day workshop: ‘it’s never too late,’ on 2 or 3 September 2023, 1.30 – 5pm which also includes afternoon tea.

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