Meet the UK's youngest brewer who can't wait for his 18th birthday so he can enjoy his very own beer

A teenager who is not old enough to drink has become the UK's youngest brewer at just 17 years old - and he can't wait for his birthday next month to order a pint of his own beer. Jacob Murphy became fascinated with brewing after he visited the Guinness Storehouse during a family holiday to Dublin when he was ten. Two years ago he started working part time at the Fixed Wheel Brewery in Blackheath, West Mids., mixing up the hops and malt. He impressed owner Scott Povey so much he has now been offered an apprenticeship, making him the UK's youngest professional brewer. Jacob, from Quinton, Birmingham, said: "I just remember I really got interested in brewing beer after that trip to the Guinness factory in Dublin. "I really loved all the smells and stuff and seeing all the barrels. It got me into it. "When I was 15 I started emailing brewers near me and Scott replied. "I did a brewery tour and did a few days experience to get used to the working environment.” Jacob has now been taken on full-time and works alongside the company’s two other brewers. He added: "All of my friends went to college, a few do music, but none of them are doing anything similar to what I’m doing in the brewery. “I’m now crafting my own IPA, the Neo Pro, which I opted for over a stout as it's approaching summer. "Every month we do cask specials then I think we have nine that are house beers that we brew all the time. We do a keg special every now and again. “Originally I wanted to brew a stout but we’re heading into the summer so I wanted to brew something nice and hoppy, that I would enjoy drinking." Jacob's workmates are planning a big bash to celebrate his 18th birthday on June 11. He said: "It would be quite nice for the first official pint that I drink to be my own beer. "Hearing someone come up and order my beer that I've made is really gratifying, just knowing that people like something that I'm doing. "It's going to be really cool on my birthday, we’ve got over a 100 people coming. It's going to be summer so we can go outside. "Turning 18 will also have advantages for my career because at the moment I'm too young to sample beers when I attend brewing events. "I can't wait to come up with some more ales. It's been a rollercoaster career already and I've barely even started."