Megadeth Settles Suit Over ‘The Sick, the Dying … and the Dead!’ Cover Art

A lawsuit over the cover of Megadeth’s latest album, The Sick, the Dying … and the Dead! has ended in a draw.

New York-based illustrator and designer Brent Elliott White in February sued the band, Universal Music Group and others alleging that he hadn’t been paid for hundreds of hours of work — and that because they’d never finalized their contract he still owned the copyright in the art. White, who said he “created artwork and characters over time for Megadeth that have become an integral part of the band’s identity,” also claimed his art was featured in Rolling Stone without crediting him and licensed to third parties for merchandise without his permission.

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On Thursday the parties filed a joint notice of settlement informing the court that “the parties have reached an agreement in principle for the resolution of this action.” They intend to file a stipulation of dismissal within 30 days.

White’s attorney Matthew Cave of Kibler Fowler & Cave on Friday confirmed “the matter has been resolved amicably.”

UMG has not yet responded to a request for comment.

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