Megan McCubbin leans on Chris Packham for support

Megan McCubbin stars on the BBC show credit:Bang Showbiz
Megan McCubbin stars on the BBC show credit:Bang Showbiz

Megan McCubbin and Chris Packham lean on each other for support.

The zoologist co-hosts 'Springwatch' with Chris - who she refers to as her step-dad - and Megan has explained how they support each other on the TV show.

Megan - who is dyslexic - told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Sometimes my pronunciation can be a little bit off.

"If I get a word in my head one way, it is really hard to say it in a different way. Or once I’ve got a story in my head one way it can be hard to change it. [So] if I pronounce something wrong and he’ll notice it in a rehearsal, he’ll send me a message and go ‘Say it like this’."

Similarly, Megan helps Chris, 63, to deal with his autism.

The TV star shared: "If he goes off on a tangent somewhere, I tend to bring him back as well. So we are both able to support each other.

"Growing up in quite a neurodiverse house was great. It opens up your mind to seeing things in a whole new way."

Chris isn't actually Megan's real-life step-dad - but she's still happy to use the phrase.

She explained: "Technically my mum and Chris were never married. He’s technically not my step-dad but it’s the easiest thing to [call] him other than 'my mum’s ex-boyfriend who raised me', which is a bit more of a mouthful.

"I’ve got three parents. I’ve got a really great relationship with my dad. I’ve got a great relationship with my mum and a great relationship with Chris.

"I’m very lucky to have three very supportive parents and am very grateful for it."