Mehdi Hasan Unleashes ‘Facts’ on Piers Morgan About Trump’s Mental Fitness


Former MSNBC star Mehdi Hasan told Piers Morgan this week that despite concerns about President Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities, it’s actually Morgan’s “old friend” Donald Trump who is the “most mentally unfit person ever to run for any office in the United States.”

After Morgan pushed back by citing Trump’s favorable poll numbers in comparison to Biden, Hasan argued that the British tabloid host “didn’t give me any facts about Trump” before rattling off an extensive list of the ex-president’s most cringeworthy moments.

Appearing Tuesday’s on Piers Morgan Uncensored for a wide-ranging interview, the ex-MSNBC host and Morgan engaged in spirited debate over the Israel-Hamas War, Hasan’s controversial exit from MSNBC, and the upcoming presidential election.

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“I was going to ask you if he’ll win, but I think the more interesting question is should he win,” Morgan asked at one point. “I mean, is he good for America? If a guy who is literally almost incapable now of speaking a sentence without making a gaffe or staying on his own two feet, should he be the candidate? Would that be such a bad thing for America for the next five years that it should render the Democrats disqualified?”

Agreeing with Morgan from a “different direction,” Hasan said that, “morally” speaking, Biden shouldn’t be the Democratic candidate given the situation in Gaza. Many would prefer to see Biden stand aside given how he has “written a blank check” to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to carry out a “plausible genocide,” Hasan explained.

And yet, the progressive commentator continued, while it would be “strategically” best if Biden stepped aside, that does not make him the least mentally fit contender in the race.

“He is going to be the candidate, whether we like it or not, and the reality is the other candidate is Donald J. Trump, your old friend,” Hasan stated, tweaking the ex-Celebrity Apprentice castmember over his chummy relationship with the former president. “And if we’re going to talk about mental un-fitness, we can’t stop by talking about Biden. We have to talk about the most mentally unfit person ever to run for any office in the United States. And that is Donald J. Trump.”

Morgan responded by giving “some facts” about Trump, which largely consisted of numbers about the former president’s growing approval among minority voters, Muslim Americans’ anger towards Biden over his Israeli policies, and the fact that nearly 75 million Americans voted for Trump in 2020.

“You said we were going to deal with some facts, but you didn’t give me any facts about Trump,” Hasan retorted. “You gave me some facts about Trump supporters. Do I deny he has support? Of course not. I spent the last eight years documenting the crazy high levels of support for Trump, and in 2020 it was deeply shocking to see people voting for him after everything they had seen over the previous four years.”

Continuing his rebuttal, the Zeteo founder offered Morgan “some actual facts about Trump,” laying out a laundry list that showed the twice-impeached ex-president either exhibiting diminished cognitive skills or just flat-out making unhinged remarks.

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“Donald Trump recently confused Nancy Pelosi with Nikki Haley. He claimed he ran against Barack Obama in 2016; he ran against Hillary Clinton,” Hasan recalled. “He thought we were about to enter World War II, we’ve actually had World War II. If we enter another world war, it’ll be World War III.”

He added: “He thinks you can stop a hurricane with a nuclear weapon. He thinks you need ID to buy cereal. He thinks he can buy Greenland from Denmark. He thinks England and Great Britain are the same thing. He thinks that stealth bombers are literally invisible. He thinks you can beat COVID by injecting disinfectant into your veins.”

Hasan concluded by saying it was “absurd” that Trump would even be elected to a school board, let alone president once again.

“The idea that this man should be allowed near the White House, again, is madness,” he exclaimed.

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