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Rejection upon birth

Misfortune took a liking to her right from her arrival on earth. Baby Mahjabeen was born in a family of artists struggling to make both ends meet. Ali Bux was hoping for a son, but when his wife delivered a daughter, disappointed, failing to pay the doctor, he dropped the newborn in an orphanage. Hit by his conscience after a few hours, he revisited the orphanage and brought his daughter home. This wasn't the end, but just the beginning of Meena Kumari's tumultuous life.

Melancholic life of Meena Kumari: Why did she always hide her finger under her veil?

The title of “Tragedy Queen” was bestowed upon her for the characters she essayed on screen. Those who knew her beyond the silver screen, vouch that she was much deserving of that title, for the emotional upheavals she faced in her real life as well.

For the average audience, she remains an enigma, far from understanding. She has been a rejected woman, passed over love interest, and a neglected life, suffering the pangs of unrequited love on the reel.

Her real life wasn’t to far from these assumed roles either.