Memphis Zoo names baby giraffe after Ja Morant, and its name is Ja Raffe

Liz Roscher
·1-min read

Ja Morant has spent just one season in the NBA, but he’s already got something most athletes don’t have: a baby giraffe named after him.

An adorable giraffe was born at the Memphis Zoo on Nov. 10, and the zoo decided to name him after the Memphis Grizzlies’ young Rookie of the Year, Ja Morant. The giraffe’s totally perfect name? Ja Raffe.

The zoo even put together a promo video for Ja Raffe, which is all kinds of amazing.

If you want to see Ja Raffe in action, you’re in luck. The zoo posted a video of him walking around the giraffe enclosure with his mother, Angela Kate.

It’s clear from his cute face and graceful gait that baby Ja Raffe was born to be a star. Morant, who spent all morning retweeting pictures and comments about Ja Raffe, absolutely agrees.

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