Men In Black And Jump Street Crossover Planned By Sony


In some surprisingly bonkers news, it has been revealed that Sony has had discussions about producing a ‘Men in Black’-‘Jump Street’ franchise crossover, according to a series of private emails that were leaked earlier this week.


The dubiously obtained emails from the inbox of Sony’s Co-Chairman, Amy Pascal, reportedly discussed the idea on the back of the success of ‘22 Jump Street’ earlier this year, but the stars of the ‘MiB’ series, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, won’t have much involvement. 

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the directors of the first two ‘Jump Street’ outings, as well as ‘The LEGO Movie’, are said to be on board as producers and may also direct.

In the email, Pascal described the crossover as “clean and rad and powerful.” And it seems there was a consensus surrounding the idea, when production president for Sony’s Columbia Pictures, Hannah Minghella, said, “We don’t have a script yet so we’ll be greenlighting the movie off the concept and the talent involved.”


Assuming the details in the emails (and the actual exchanges themselves) are authentic, it appears the film could be released as earlier as 2016 or the following year.

Either way, it’s a really bizarre franchise crossover to do, considering one is a sci-fi revolving around aliens, and the other is set in a grounded world of undercover policing. It takes a vivid imagination to get behind such a project without the overwhelming fear that this could be a car crash waiting to happen.

Time will tell if this actually comes to fruition, so, for now, watch this space.

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Picture credits: Columbia Pictures

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