Mess With Keanu Reeves' Puppy At Your Peril In Blazing John Wick Trailer

Mess With Keanu Reeves' Puppy At Your Peril In Blazing John Wick Trailer

He might be a grumpy ex-hitman, but he’s not so twisted up that he doesn’t love the little dog his dying wife gave to him.

That is until cinema commits one of the most galling sins of all… puppycide.

Anyone praying that Keanu Reeves will one day return to his glorious action heyday (‘47 Ronin’ might not count, sadly) will lap up this blazing trailer for ‘John Wick’.

It’s a most unexpected curveball – and a most welcome one too – but this looks distinctly like it could be a punch-tastic winner.

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In ‘Taken’-esque style, Reeves is John Wick, a retired hitman who gets dragged back in to the murky underworld after an encounter by a hapless thug – ‘Game of Thrones’ star Alfie Allen.

But no one is underestimating the vengeance Wick is about to exact upon them, and the crooks brace themselves for a pummelling.

Co-directed by movie stunt don David Leitch (who’s worked with everyone from Matt Damon in the Bourne series to JCVD) and Chad Stahelski, there’s also ace support provided by Willem Dafoe and the legendary Ian McShane.

With its tongue stuffed in its cheek – Keanu’s Clint-eqsue line ‘Yeah, I’m thinkin’ I’m back’ is brilliantly delivered – John Wick might be the Jack Reacher we all wanted.

There’s no release date for the UK just yet, but likely John Wick will be battering his way onto our screens later this year.

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