Michael B Jordan working on Creed 3 spin-offs for movies and TV

Creed III director and star Michael B Jordan is working on spin-offs for movies and TV for Amazon.

Fresh from the knockout drama's box office triumph, Deadline reports that Jordan has met with the company to talk through potentially expanding the Creed universe, including a project centred on Adonis Creed's daughter Amara.

A live-action companion TV show is being discussed, and there's even word of an anime series connected to the Rocky spin-off in the works.

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Jordan, who made a surprise return to the MCU in last year's Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, revealed to the publication this month that "building the Creed universe is something that I'm really excited about".

Last summer, there were reports that studio MGM and producer Irwin Winkler were keen on a Rocky spin-off centred on Ivan Drago.

Franchise creator Sylvester Stallone condemned the plans on social media at the time, criticising Winkler and Dolph Lundgren.

However, Lundgren responded by saying there was "no approved script, no deals in place, no director", and also adding: "I was personally under the the impression that my friend Sly Stallone was involved as a producer or even as an actor."

sylvester stallone in 2016
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Earlier this year, Creed III star Tessa Thompson revealed to Digital Spy that she and Michael B Jordan attended couples therapy as Bianca and Adonis in preparation for the sequel.

"We even did an interesting experiment which is that Mike and I went to therapy together as Bianca and Adonis, because we just wanted to see what that felt like as a couple that is many years into a relationship," she shared.

Creed III is in cinemas now.

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