Michael Bublé 'Laughed a Lot' While Making 'Hit' Song 'Spicy Margarita' with Jason Derulo (Exclusive)

"A hit song with Jason Derulo and Michael Bublé was probably not on most people’s 2024 bingo cards," he tells PEOPLE

Michael Bublé and Jason Derulo are heating things up.

The singers joined forces to release their latest single, “Spicy Margarita” and are “shaking up” the music scene.

“A hit song with Jason Derulo and Michael Bublé was probably not on most people’s 2024 bingo cards,” Bublé tells PEOPLE, laughing. “But I love that both of us are doing something that was this unexpected and still it resonates.”

Despite the “unexpected” collaboration between Bublé, 48, and Jason Derulo, 34, for the pair, this has been a long time coming. “Jason and I have been friends since 2013, so there was always hope that we’d work together,” the “Feeling Good” singer says. “We always dug each other’s music, but there was never a reason — there was never anything that seemed to work like this.”

When the two friends put their heads together and created the single, Bublé knew it was “an instant hit.” “I knew we had it. I called [Ryan] Seacrest and said, ‘I’ve got a hit song with Jason Derulo.'"

Bublé tells PEOPLE that once he heard who the singer collaborated with, Seacrest went silent. “I said, ‘I know what that silence means… you’re asking why Michael Bublé and Jason Derulo are doing a song together. Listen for 40 seconds, and if you don’t think it’s a global hit, I will walk away’.”

Shortly after, the 49-year-old radio host called Bublé back. “He said, ‘This is a global hit… I didn’t know how it was going to work, but oh my God, it worked’,” the "Beautiful Day" singer recalls.

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Bublé says he is happy with the response to the song. “It's nice watching what's happening with it,” he says. “The music that I love — the music that I am passionate about — is the root of jazz and the root of hip hop and R&B and pop and rap. It literally is the root. So it does fit, it’s just a matter of finding that right fit.”

Not only did Derulo and Bublé come out with a new single, but they also broke a world record to celebrate. “That was Derulo and I love it,” Bublé says about the TikTok video of the duo making the largest spicy margarita in the world. “He has so much fun doing this stuff… It’s him and his buddies coming up with really fun and interesting ways to have fun celebrating the release of the song.”

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Regardless of how the song is received, Bublé was grateful for the time spent with his friend. “We just laughed a lot. That’s the truth. We were laughing the whole time,” he says. “When I left, I just said, ‘Dude, whatever happens here, this has been a lot of fun’.”

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