Michael Caine Backs Britain Leaving The EU

Sir Michael Caine has said that he thinks it’s time Britain left the EU.

The screen legend has said that he’s sick of the ‘faceless civil servants’ making legislation which affects the UK.

Caine, whose movie career has spanned more than 115 films, made the comments while appearing on the Today programme.

“To me you’ve now got in Europe a sort of government by proxy of everybody who has now got carried away and I think unless there are some extremely significant changes we should get out,” he said.

“Because you’ll say ‘well, we’ll fail’ and you’ll go ‘well okay, so you fail. Get better, work harder, try harder and then you’ll be a success.

“But you cannot be dictated to by thousands of faceless civil servants who make these rules and you say ‘oh, wait a minute.’

“Then they argue about financially but we buy more from them than we sell to them.”

When he was pushed on which way he would vote in a referendum, he said: “I sort of feel certain we should come out.”

An in/out referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU was promised by prime minister David Cameron by the end of 2017, but voting could happen this summer.

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