Fassbender explains Prometheus 2 delay (exclusive)

‘The Counsellor’ star explains the slow development of Ridley Scott's sci-fi follow-up.

Michael Fassbender said the hold-up over the Prometheus sequel was because the parties involved were trying to do it "correctly".

After months of rumours, Ridley Scott has confirmed that a sequel to dazzling 2012 sci-fi ‘Prometheus’ is finally written.

“I thought I’d left science-fiction for too long, that I had better climb back in,” he told Empire. But for a movie that made over $400 million (£249 million) at the box office, and so clearly set itself up for a sequel, green-lighting a second outing should have been far more snappy by usual Hollywood standards.

It looks like there’s a reason for the slow start though – according to original star Michael Fassbender it’s because they’re making it “correctly”.

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Speaking to the Fass for Ridley’s most recent thriller ‘The Counsellor’ earlier this month, we took the chance to ask the Irish-born actor exactly what the hold-up was in returning to ‘Prometheus’.

“Everybody’s asking this, it’s cool!” he laughed. “You know, it takes time…. I don’t want them to rush it. I mean the reason that Pixar movies are so amazing is because they spend years throwing it out the window, re-jigging it, coming up with an idea, breaking it down, starting again, you know.”

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“So to make it correctly, I think it’s actually very encouraging,” he added. “Because a lot of the times they’re like ‘we made some money let’s jump on the back of this. We wanna make more money again as soon as possible.’”

“[But] it’s nice to actually have a little bit of time to develop it.”

Up for seeing a sequel? Or should Ridley leave sci-fi alone? Let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, check out our exclusive ‘Prometheus’ featurette, here.