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Michael Giacchino wants John Williams to score Star Wars 7

Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino wants John Williams to return to the 'Star Wars' saga.

Giacchino, who has composed the scores for each of J.J. Abrams films so far, was expected to collaborate with the 'Episode 7' director once again.

"One of the things that excites me most about 'Star Wars' coming back is chance to hear a John Williams score," he said at an event of the weekend.

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The composer was in Switzerland for a concert at which his music for Abrams' 2009 'Star Trek' reboot was played. His quotes come from a Q&A held afterwards.

"He has been a great inspiration to me over the years," he continued. "He has been a great teacher to me and good friend and I would love nothing more than to hear more of his music from that universe."

"If it were up to me I would say 'John, you must do it.'"

Back in February John Williams said he would be making sure he was ready to return to the series should he be asked.

Michael Giacchino was twice nominated for his work on Pixar films 'Rataouille' and 'Up', the latter of which he won the award for.

'Star Wars: Episode VII' is set for release in 2015