Star Wars Scum and Villainy

What if Michael Haneke directed 'Star Wars'?

Celebrated director Michael Haneke has enjoyed a boost in exposure recently thanks to his latest master work 'Amour' being lavished with awards and nominations during this year's awards season.

Despite picking up the Best Foreign Film prize at this year's Oscars we certainly don't see the legendary German auteur making a move to big budget cinema, but that hasn't stopped a parody trailer pondering what his version of 'Star Wars' might look like.

You can watch the spoof here.

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The video first aired during the 2013 C├ęsar awards show, the biggest film award ceremony in France where 'Amour' swept the board picking up awards for Best Film, Direction, Writing, Actress for Emmanuelle Riva and Actor for Jean-Louis Trintignant.

Naturally the video lampoons 'Amour' more than any of Haneke's other work, depicting an ageing Luke and Leia nursing Vader during a bout of bad health, a malfunction or whatever half-robot dark lords get struck down by in their twilight years.

'Amour' tells the tale of an elderly couple whose love is tested by a debilitating illness.

The subtitle at the trailer's end translates to "The Obscure Side of the Force".

I wonder what Michael Haneke's (spoof) Twitter account would make of it?

This isn't the first "What if X directed 'Star Wars'?" trailer, last year American talk show host Conan O'Brien showed us what 'Moonrise Kingdom' director Wes Anderson might do with the famous sci-fi series.

Of course we know that the real thing will be directed by science fiction blockbuster specialist J.J. Abrams, and that it will vertically scroll slowly across cinema screens in 2015.