Michael Keaton’s Batman 3 Costume?

Ryan Leston
UK Movies Writer

Although Val Kilmer ended up taking over as the Caped Crusader, it looks as though Tim Burton may have been working on an all-new Batsuit for the cancelled ‘Batman 3’.

It’s no secret that Warner Bros. wasn’t exactly impressed with ‘Batman Returns’… and although the film was a financial success, they decided to distance themselves from the darker tone of Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’. But while Joel Schumacher eventually took over for the third instalment of the Batman franchise, it looks as though Burton may have already begun working on Michael Keaton’s new costume…

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According to io9, the folks at Brotherhood of Bat have found some rare, behind-the-scenes images from Tim Burton’s time at the helm of the Batman franchise. And it looks as though he was working on a previously unseen Batsuit.

These images come straight from the sculptor José Fernandez, who apparently sculpted some armatures of Keaton wearing various concepts for the suit.

“The two versions on the left look a little too stylized with the faux abs, and they definitely all push the ‘suit of armor’ concept a lot further,” they explain. “But they’re not as over-the-top as what we eventually got in ‘Batman Forever’.”

It’s assumed that the grey and black colour scheme is merely the result of the artists sculpting materials… and would probably have ended up being entirely black in the final product.

Of course, just because we haven’t seen this Batsuit before, that doesn’t mean that it’s from the batman movie that never was. And some fans have already called into question whether or not this newly unveiled Batsuit was actually an unused concept from ‘Batman Returns’.

In fact, the sculptor himself lists them as photographs from his work on the second Batman film… but that’s not to say Burton wasn’t planning on using this as an evolved version of Keaton’s earlier Batsuit.

Unfortunately, it looks as though this particular Batsuit will never make it to the big screen. And I can’t help thinking that’s a crying shame. But at least we’ve got Ben Affleck’s new suit to look forward to.

‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ heads to cinemas on 25 March 2016.

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Picture Credit: DC Entertainment