Common Microsoft interview question has TikTok fuming: 'Seems like a test'

A former Microsoft employee shared a question he used to ask candidates, and he was promptly roasted for it.

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The account @lennyrachitsky shared footage of Ryan J. Salva, the vice president of product at GitHub and the former director of product at Microsoft. Salva explained in the clip that he would ask potential hires a more unconventional question as an icebreaker. But people found the inquiry irrelevant and off-putting.

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Salva explained that when he worked at Microsoft, as an “icebreaker,” he asked interviewees to teach him something new in 1-minute. He would then judge the person based on their “completeness, complexity and clarity.”

TikTokers were quick to lampoon the so-called “icebreaker.”

“Icebreaker? Seems like a test question,” a person wrote.

“I had an interview where they asked something like this and timed me. They also asked me to play a game during the interview. I hung up,” a person commented.

“When the interviewer believes they’re asking a profound question,” a TikToker said.

“Easiest way to make a candidate know he doesn’t want to work with or for you,” another added.

“Executives come up with such imaginative ways to justify their bloated salaries and show their worth,” a user replied.

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