Your Microwave Is All You Need To Make Spicy Sriracha-Flavored Salt

dishes of hot sauce
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If your meal feels incomplete without a drizzle of sriracha, wait until you get your hands on salt that has been flavored with the hot sauce. Sriracha-flavored salt is the one-way ticket you need to quickly upgrade some of your favorite snacks. From punchy pretzels to mouthwatering air fryer french fries, your go-to recipes will come to life when seasoned with a spicier salt. The best part? Making this flavorful food enhancer doesn't require much effort on your part. Simply combine your choice of salt with sriracha in a microwave-safe bowl, cover with a paper towel, and place in the microwave.

Start by mixing ½ cup of kosher salt with ⅓ cup of the hot sauce; you can adjust your future recipes accordingly should you crave a hotter kick. Microwave the mixture for six or seven minutes but stir the spicy salt every 60 seconds or so while keeping an eye on your creation so that it doesn't burn. Once cooked, the zippy salt will be slightly damp and should be left to dry for at least an hour before it can be used to season food and drinks. You can check the salt for any residual moisture with a paper towel before you go wild sprinkling it onto the salmon fillets meant for the grill.

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Meet Your Newest Favorite Flavor Enhancing Ingredient

bowl of pink salt with chili flakes and other spices
bowl of pink salt with chili flakes and other spices - Igor Normann/Shutterstock

Once you've experimented with making your first batch of the hot salty stuff, you can get creative by using different kinds of salt to flavor. Black salt, Himalayan pink salt, and crunchier salt flakes can be infused with the hot sauce. Whether you're looking to add a kick to roasted vegetables or want to salt a glass rim for the spicy margarita you've made, having sriracha salt at the ready is one of those culinary hacks you simply cannot miss.

Build upon your next attempt at making sriracha-spiced salt by adding lime juice for extra flavor or go the extra mile and make the actual sriracha yourself to really put the dials of sweet heat into your own hands. Experiment by adding the sriracha-flavored salt to tomorrow morning's scrambled eggs or avocado toast, or turn up the heat in your next fiery sriracha tofu recipe for an extra flavorful kick. Once you have this kind of salt on hand, your bowls of popcorn and plates of rice will never be the same.

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