Midsommar director reveals why he wanted that shocking ending

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Midsommar's ending (obviously).

So Midsommar, that film you've seen the trailer for about the couple going to Sweden and meeting some freaky-looking locals, is finally out and... yeah, it's even weirder than you thought it might be.

The strangeness reaches its peak with the ending, which is sure to be talked about for years, and, yes, we are going to talk about it after this picture.

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So, after Christian is forced to impregnate a villager in the commune, his girlfriend Dani decides to make him into the the final sacrifice for the cult's ritual. He is stuffed into the body of a disembowelled bear and burned to death inside a temple.

Director Ari Aster explained why the film, and ending, turned out the way it did to Entertainment Weekly, stating: "[I was] going through a break-up which was really fresh, and I saw a way of marrying the break-up movie with the folk-horror subgenre, and then kind of making like this big operatic break-up movie.

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"That was why I wanted to write this. For me, the film was always a perverse wish fulfilment, a fantasy that was playing with a kind of catharsis that I hope people will have to wrestle with. I hope it will also have people cheering and then maybe hopefully later on contending with that a little bit more."

Should you feel guilty if you enjoyed seeing Christian get burned?

"Maybe," Aster added. "I say, 'F**k it, just enjoy it'. But, there should be an aftertaste to the uplift, I guess."

Midsommar is out in cinemas now.

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