Mighty lion roars with satisfaction after gorging on wildebeest

This lion is not afraid of anything, and for good reason. He is truly the king of beasts. Out here on the plain in Kenya, Africa, there are few animals that would dare to challenge his authority. A pack of very determined and hungry hyenas will occasionally try to chase a lion off a kill, but they will very rarely try to attack a full grown male, or a pride of lions. This lion is gorging himself on a freshly caught wildebeest. He looks around casually, but he has nothing to fear and he has no anxiety as he focuses on his dinner. He doesn't seem concerned about anything sneaking up on him. After eating his fill, he walks away roaring with content. Perhaps it is meant to tell the other lions in his pride that they are free to eat, or perhaps it is a challenge that tells the other scavengers he is asserting his dominance and intent to return to the carcass. Either way, he is a majestic and powerful beast that has earned the right to walk these plains fearlessly.