Mike Myers returns in astounding trailer for The Gong Show

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‘The Gong Show’ is back… with Mike Myers.

But don’t expect him to look like his usual self.

Mike Myers is returning to our screens to host ABC’s remake of ‘The Gong Show’ – the classic American talent show where guests are invited to perform in front of a panel of judges until the show’s host has had enough… and gets rid of them with a gong.

But it’s not actually Mike Myers who’s presenting it.

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Instead, Myers is appearing as fictional British comedian, Tommy Maitland.

And the makeup is already enough to give you nightmares.

Mike Myers as British comedy 'legend' Tommy Maitland - Credit: ABC
Mike Myers as British comedy ‘legend’ Tommy Maitland – Credit: ABC

Pretending to be a 72-year-old British comedy legend, Mike Myers will be heading up the ridiculous new show… and the character’s backstory is even more absurd.

“He used to host an Australian game show called Dingo’s Got the Baby, in which one contestant would be the dingo and another the baby, and a chase would ensue.”

Of course, this is a horrifying reference to real-life events, where a dingo was found to have dragged away a baby at Ayers Rock… so this might give you some idea of the kind of jokes Myers and co will try to get past the censors.

Mike Myers as British comedy 'legend' Tommy Maitland - Credit: ABC
Mike Myers as British comedy ‘legend’ Tommy Maitland – Credit: ABC

Sorry, ‘Tommy Maitland’.

After all, Sony is even playing along with the ‘ruse’ by refusing to mention Mike Myers is involved with the show in any way. Even in their official synopsis…

“The Gong Show is back! Hosted by comedian Tommy Maitland and executive produced by actor/comedian Will Arnett. Every episode will celebrate unusually talented and unique performers on a primetime stage. A revolving panel of judges featuring Hollywood’s hottest stars praise, critique and gong contestants in one of TV’s all-time great variety shows.”

‘The Gong Show’ heads to ABC on 22 June.

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