Miles Teller on his Bleed For This regime: 'I would’ve choked someone out for a doughnut'

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For his new role as real life boxer Vinny Paz, Miles Teller didn’t just have to get angry; he had to get seriously hangry too.

The ‘Fantastic Four’ star says the strict diet and training regime left him so desperate for a treat he “would’ve choked someone out for a doughnut”.

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To play the middleweight champ who broke his neck in a car accident at the height of his powers in the 1980s, Teller says he had to lose 20lbs and 13% body fat over a 7-8 month period simply to “look like a boxer”, and that was just the start of it he admits.

“Then, you have to talk like the guy, box like the guy, and get in the mindset of a boxer.”

Ciarin Hinds, Miles Teller, and Aaron Eckhart in 'Bleed For This' - Credit: Icon
Ciarin Hinds, Miles Teller, and Aaron Eckhart in ‘Bleed For This’ – Credit: Icon

On the flip side of Teller’s startling transformation is co-star Aaron Eckhart’s weight swing the other way. The usually trim and handsome ‘The Dark Knight’ star shaved his head and GAINED 40lbs to play Vinny’s trainer Kevin Rooney, a feat perhaps even more difficult than Teller’s because he had to lose it again instantly for his next role.

“You’re messing with your metabolism,” Eckhart told us, “I try to stay in good shape but it helps get you in the headspace of the character, and we needed it for the movie.”

Director Ben Younger says Eckhart found it tough.

Eckhart gained 40lbs while Teller lost 20lbs - Credit: Icon
Eckhart gained 40lbs while Teller lost 20lbs – Credit: Icon

“No offense to Miles, but I think it’s harder to let yourself go,” adds Younger, “certainly for Aaron, he’s legitimately in great shape that guy. It killed him to eat all that s***.”

Despite Miles’ hardships, the ‘Whiplash’ star says he misses the strict regime.

“I enjoyed all of it,” Teller admits, “I missed it when it was done. I miss boxing for four hours and then working out for two hours and being exhausted. Yeah, I savour that.”

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‘Bleed For This’ is coming to UK cinemas on 2 December. Watch a clip below

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