Milla Jovovich defends 'Hellboy' flop, saying it'll become a 'cult classic'

Ben Arnold
Milla Jovovich in Hellboy (Credit: Lionsgate)

Judging by its opening weekend at the box office and its pounding at the hands of the critics, the Hellboy reboot looks to be a copper-bottomed flop.

But its star Milla Jovovich reckons its true genius remains to be seen, and that one day it will be considered a ‘cult classic’.

In a post on Instagram, the Resident Evil actress explained that ‘all my raddest films have been slammed by critics’.

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“It’s always stressful on opening weekend and @hellboymovie is no different,” she wrote.

“You work super hard to make something fun and entertaining and have to absorb the negative reviews by movie critics, but hey! THAT’S SHOWBIZ BABY.

“All I’m gonna say before going to bed is this: All my raddest films have been slammed by critics. It’s f**king hilarious. Dazed and Confused? Seriously? Classic movie. The Fifth Element! You would have thought that was the worst movie ever made if you read the reviews in like ‘98?

“Zoolander? Slammed. Joan of Arc? Disaster. Resident Evil? Let’s not even go there. Anyway, every one of those films is now a cult classic. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. And this will be too. Mark my words.”

The movie has come in worryingly lower than any of its box office forecasts, making $12 million back from its $50 million production budget.

And as Jovovich rightly points out, it’s been panned by critics.

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In the Evening Standard, Matthew Norman wrote: “If it was my call, I’d write nothing about the movie and leave this space blank for readers’ notes.”

Starring Stranger Things’ David Harbour as the titular demon, and Jovovich as the Blood Queen, who hopes to destroy mankind, it’s rebooted the series originally kicked off by Guillermo Del Toro, using the material from comic book writer Mike Mignola.

It’s out now across the UK.