Milla Jovovich In Talks For Vampire Movie Love Bites


Longtime fan favourite Milla Jovovich is currently at work on ‘Resident Evil: the Final Chapter,’ which as the title suggests is said to be the final film in her signature series with her writer-director (and husband) Paul WS Anderson.

However, Jovovich might not be quite done with creatures of the night just yet, as word breaks that she’s in talks to take the lead role in a new vampire movie with quite the scream queen heritage.

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Broke Horror Fan report that actress-turned-producer Felissa Rose (herself a cult icon thanks to her early role in slasher movie ‘Sleepaway Camp’) is on board a big screen adaptation of ‘Love Bites,’ a 2010 novel written by another notable 80s horror star, Adrienne Barbeau (’The Fog,’ ‘Creepshow,’ ‘Swamp Thing,’ and most recently ‘Tales of Halloween’).


Rose is producing along with writer-director Harrison Smith (’Camp Dread,’ which co-starred Rose) in their capacity as heads of independent genre film development at the recently revived Carolco Pictures.

Carolco were one of the biggest independent production houses of the 80s and 90s, responsible for such massive hits as ‘Terminator 2,’ ‘Total Recall,’ ‘Basic Insinct’ and the ‘Rambo’ movies, but were infamously bankrupted by a series of flops including the notorious ‘Showgirls’ and ‘Cutthroat Island.’

Now, producer Rose says Jovovich is in talks for the lead in ‘Love Bites’ - and based on the cover art of Barbeau’s novel, it’s certainly easy to envisage the actress in the role.


‘Love Bites’ is actually the second novel in Barbeau’s ‘Vampires of Hollywood’ series. Jovovich would be taking on the role of Osvanna Moore, a 450 year old vampire, actress and filmmaker, who finds herself teamed up with a local private eye to help investigate a series of murders, leading to a large-scale conflict between several breeds of monster.

On top of all her ‘Resident Evil’ zombie killing, Jovovich has battled vampires before in 2006′s ‘Ultraviolet.’ It would certainly make a refreshing change to see her portray the monster rather than the monster killer for a change.

‘Love Bites’ is still in development, but we can next see Jovovich kicking undead butt when ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ lands in January 2017.

Picture Credit: WENN, Thomas Dunne Books

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