Millie Bobby Brown explains her changing accent

Millie Bobby Brown has revealed the reason behind her changing accent.

Fans of the Stranger Things actress had questioned her shifting pronunciation and now she has answered, explaining she's simply a natural mimic.

“So I’m an actor. I grew up in the public eye. I grew up in America. I come to set and I’m an actor and I adapt and so I want to mimic people," Millie, 20, told internet personality and social media star Max Balegde during a British press tour for her new Netflix movie, Damsel.

"I can’t help that when I’m around my fiancé or when I’m around people like Jimmy Fallon, who have a very American accent, I wanna replicate it! And now I’m in England, I wanna replicate that!"

Millie, who was born in Spain to British parents, grew up in England from the age of four. At eight, her family moved to Orlando, Florida.

She went on to apologise to anyone she may have offended.

"I don’t do it intentional and I’m sorry if it offends you!" Millie said. "But listen, I’m trying my best! I'm trying my best!"