‘Millionaire’s son’ kills friend, 18, after crashing £257,000 McLaren supercar at 186mph

The supercar was destroyed in the crash, which claimed the life of a female passenger (Picture: Central European News)

A man has crashed a £257,000 supercar at 186mph, killing his teenage female friend who was a passenger.

German media reported that the driver of the bright green McLaren 650S was the son of a millionaire from Essen.

The car crashed on the A52 motorway near the German city in North Rhine-Westphalia, killing the 18-year-old female passenger.

She died after being thrown from the vehicle into nearby trees.

The car crashed near the German city of Essen (Picture: Central European News)
An investigation is being carried out into what caused the crash (Picture: Central European News)

The 23-year-old driver, identified in German media as “Lars”, reportedly told police he had been driving at 186mph.

The car crashed through a barrier after the driver lost control while driving in the outside lane, it was reported.

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A police spokesman said: “For as yet unconfirmed reasons, the young man lost control of the car at the Essen-Kettwig junction, veered to the right and smashed through the crash barrier.”

The driver was taken to hospital suffering from shock, local media said.

The police spokesman said: “The cause of the accident may have been down to high speed or an overtaking manoeuvre.

“We also cannot rule out the possibility that the car had a technical problem.”

The car crashed through a barrier (Picture: Central European News)
The car was reportedly travelling at 186mph (Picture: Central European News)
Emergency services at the scene of the crash (Picture: Central European News)

The wreckage is currently being investigated to determine whether the vehicle was in a safe driving condition.

The police spokesman said: “A preliminary investigation was initiated on suspicion of negligent homicide.”

According to investigators, the impact was so great that the victim’s seat belt was ripped off and she was catapulted into some nearby trees.

The supercar was reportedly register in the name of the driver’s father.

Many motorways in Germany do not have speed limits, but it is unclear if this was the case here.

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